Our Staff

PIXEL Community is home to a bunch of enthusiastic staff members. They are all happy to help with any problems and keep our services in the community running smoothly. If you are in intrested about applying for staff, click the apply button below.

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What our Staff do?

These are all the kind of things our staff get up to when
working in our community.

Managing Servers

We have a multiude of servers from Garry's Mod servers to Web severs that require updating. Our Staff work hard to keep these servers updated.

Moderate our Game Servers

We have a team of Moderators and Admins that work to make sure our game servers are working correctly and is a safe enviroment for all.

Moderating Forums & Discord

We have a dedicated team of Moderators to make sure our Discord and Forums are safe and spam free.

Moderate our Twitch Chat

We have a small selection of our moderators moderating our twitch channel to keep spammers out and keep viewers happy.

Develop Applications

We have a team of developers on our Garry's Mod server and our Twitch/Discord bot. Visit our developer page to find out more.

Support the community

Our staff members offer support to all members of our community. If you have any questions just ask one of a kind staff members.

Our Current Staff

Lead paragraph



Tom is the main developer and works hard to keep fresh content added in as often as possible.

Colin Hegarty

Head Of Staff

Colin manages our staff team aswell as managing the vital parts of our Garry's Mod server.


Server Manager

Sonicboom manages some of our backend servers and keeps everything online.

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