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Our Ambitions


Here at PIXEL Community we strive for a safe and friendly environment. All of our staff work hard to make sure you have a fun time within the community and deal with any problems that may arise.


PIXEL Community strives to be a safe community that has no tolerance for any aggression or bullying. Our staff will deal with any behavior we deem to be against our Community Guidelines that we have set here.


We promote creativity within our community, allowing our members to express themselves in full. Our many roleplay servers give you the time to have fun and express yourself in a nice friendly environment.

Our Servers

CloneWars RP

0/80 players online

Map: rp_venator_extensive

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Imperial RP

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Map: Offline

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Dark RP

0/32 players online

Map: rp_downtown_tits_v2

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Our Staff Team

These are just a few of the staff members that work hard to keep our servers running and make sure they stay enjoyable.

Mr Matthew

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