PIXEL Community

A Community for everyone

What do we do?

Here at PIXEL Community our aim is to create a place for all to go and enjoy themselves. We strive to create a warm and welcoming enviroment out on the harsh, cold internet. We stream regularly to our Twitch channel and are always active talking in our discord servers.

We also have a development team that create multiple applications for people to use. Our main projects are our Discord Bot and our Twitch bot however we also create smaller open source projects that you are free to use and maniplulate to your liking.

A safe place to have fun

In PIXEL, we provide a safe community for our users. If you ever have a problem inside our community we are make sure to resolve all problems quickly and efficiently. 

To be able to keep this community safe we ask you to follow the community guidelines which can be found here.


Our development team are currently working on a Twitch and Discord bot that is easy to use and highly configurable. To be able to keep our servers online and these services available we have paid options for our bot. If you would purchase these premium services please go here.

 If you would like to help us develop the bot we are currently looking for developers. If you would like to apply for to be a developer please go and apply here.

Twitch and YouTube content

Here at PIXEL Community we also do regular videos and streams. We make videos about games while the streams mostly concentrates on development. If you would like to help us create videos we are currently looking guest videos.

 If you would like to apply to create guest videos for us please contact Tom.Bat on our discord. You can find our discord here.

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